Lessons at Anna's Piano Studio

Anna Linne

Anna is an exceptional piano teacher. Both of my children take piano lessons from her and we cannot be happier. My two children have different learning styles and Anna’s individualized training works amazingly well with both of them. Every year there’s a recital for all her students and my children work hard for it. This year they each have a couple of challenging pieces. Listening to my eight year old son playing a master piece comfortably, I can’t help but feeling extremely proud. It’s impressive how Anna is able to get all her students to perform so well at the recital. We highly recommend Anna. Words are not enough for to express our gratitude.

Thu Feb 08 2018


My two daughters have been taking piano lessons in Ms. Anna’s studio for nearly two years. They just love her classes. I always sit in the studio when the kids take these classes and observe how they learn and progress. Ms. Anna is a very experienced teach. Not only is she nice to the kids, but also she articulates the content very well to them and therefore set proper requirements and expectation accordingly. The kids progress edon different paces, and Ms. Anna customized content accordingly for each of them and handled this very well. Glad that we found a very good piano teacher for my daughters. They learned a lot and had a great time as well in these classes.

January 2018

Anna combines Russian and American repertoire and methods in her teaching. Her kids enjoy their lessons from the start, playing songs they already know and love. Gradually, classical music is introduced, which in the beginning could be just easy arrangements. At the same time, more talented students play complicated classical pieces of Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and other world famous composers.

Before teaching a new student, Anna first meets the potential student and his/her parents

to 'check-up' different skills and abilities of the student. Based on her judgment, she gives recommendations about the student's readiness to start learning piano and about the length of the lessons.

Anna introduces the parents or adult student with policies of her Studio and always tries to accomodate her schedule to the students needs. Anna also tries to provide all students with books, in order for parents to avoid extra time and effort.

At Anna's studio there is a piano as well as a grand piano. If regular lessons are usually at comfort of piano, before Recitals and National Guild Auditions, all students's lessons are at Grand piano.