Anna's Piano Studio moved from Springfield to East Hanover. Welcome to new location!

What can better describe a teacher, than students following her to a new location ? Even if it's 30 minutes each way instead of 5 minutes?

Or simple words, 'You are the best!' from students, as well as from parents?

Or what can bring more self esteem to students than receiving the highest possible praises from judges at National Guild Auditions from year to year?     

Recently received a letter from one of my prior student's mom:

"Hi, glad we found you. Emma is 15 now and my angel. She is doing very well in school and still plays daily. She gets songs from the Internet and teaches herself how to play them. She says she "needs" to play every day. It is a form of therapy for her. I am so thrilled. I am listening to Emma play the piano while resting on a beautiful Saturday and I wanted to thank you for giving her the gift of song. She is still playing.

I hope you have a blessed week and feel secure in knowing you make a difference."

Anna is a highly professional piano teacher who appreciates the uniqueness of each student and what music can bring into their life. That is why all lessons are designed individually for each student.

Anna loves teaching. She helps her students discover the magic and richness of the music world. Her knowledge, combined with lots of experience, patience, and practical advice brings back appreciation, love and respect from students and parents. Anna knows what is going on in each of her students life. Anna teaches them not only to play piano, but at the same time helps them to organize their time efficiently, to coordinate their school work load with piano practicing.

Anna prepares the most talented students for a yearly National Guild Audition and they consistently receive the highest possible marks from different Judges.

Anna is flexible with repertoire - it could be classical works or Broadway musicals or Popular songs, tailored to the students interests. 

All students perform at the annual recital, which is a big event for Anna, her students, and their parents. Usually more then 100 people are present in the large auditorium for the Recitals.

Her students, ranging from 5 years old to adults, come from the following towns: Short Hills, East Hanover, Livingston, Florham Park, West Caldwell, Madison, Morristown, Springfield, Summit, Millburn, Verona, Cedar Grove, Cranford, West Orange, Chatham, Maplewood, Sparta.

Below are some pictures from National Guild Of Piano Auditions and from one of class Yearly Recital.